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993% Higher Revenue & 436% Improved ROAS
Within 120 Days for Auli Lifestyle

Their Story

Here was a great brand in the making, everything felt great except the numbers. They appeared in Shark Tank India season 1 and worked with some big agencies, but never reached a positive ROAS. They have top quality products though, a 50% or higher repeat rate confirms that. The real challenge was the one almost all D2C brands face, how to acquire customers without burning.

Their Goal

To Re-Introduce “Active Ayurveda” to Indian Market, not just as a “natural” alternative but potent clean and indulgent brand. Their challenges weren’t very different from most d2c brands. In terms of numbers, they wanted to reach 50L revenue on their website with a 3x ROAS.




Up by 936%

Total Sales

Up by 446%, 6250

Total Orders

Increased by 53%

Conversion Rate

Increased by 220%


Reduced by 43%


Up By 320%, 215K/month


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