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Agent From eXp Realty

Result: 124 leads at $0.31 cost per lead

Agent From eXp Realty

After having worked with 24 real estate agents from different brokerages like eXp Realty, Keller Williams, Coldwell Banker, Compass and more, we know what it takes to help the real estate agents get more leads and close more deals. When I work with realtors, my goal is to generate hundreds of qualified leads (not just random leads) per month on autopilot, convert those leads without them having to do anything besides show up to the listing appointments, sign the listing agreement, write offers, post your open houses etc. We let you do the things that you’re actually supposed to be doing as a realtor.

This case study will explain how we get hyper-targeted leads for real estate agents that saves their time while giving them a solid lead flow so they can grow their business.

Here Are Some Of The Results We’re Super Proud Of:

124 leads at a ridiculous $0.31 cost per lead for Heather from eXp Realty

178 leads at $1.03 cost per lead for Debra from Compass

43 Leads at $2.21 cost per lead for Matthew from eXp Realty

157 Leads at $4.54 cost per lead for Nelida from eXp Realty

Problem With The Lead Generation Processes

While many can generate leads for real estate, some of the huge problems realtors face are:

Generating Leads With Social Media

I’m sure you have heard a million times that social media is the #1 lead generation platform every realtor must use. When we say use social media for lead gen, it does not mean that you just post your listings on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, YouTube and all other social media platforms and wait for someone to contact you.

I’ve seen many realtors put in the time and effort to do that and all they hear is…..crickets!

Generating leads with social media means you’re proactively reaching out to home buyers who’re looking to buy the type of homes you have listed.

You can run ads on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Google, Bing, LinkedIn, Tik Tok, Pinterest and so many other platforms, you name it. Facebook has over 2.6 billion active users and Instagram has over 1 billion active users. No matter where you are in the world, Home buyers and home sellers are logging into these platforms when they’re looking to buy or sell their home. If not you, they will work with another realtor who they can find.

The 4 Core Ad Component That Gets Us Massive Results:

Targeting – The most important rule in targeting is, keep it broad. If the home is in a big city like San Diego, you want to be at least 100k people. Usually I keep it even more than that, usually like 150k – 200k, depending on the population of the city. For this client of mine, he’s in Charleston, SC and we had an audience size of 135k.  

Here are some interests that I targeted at the adset level:

Creative – The image or video we use in the ad greatly determines the cost per lead we get. If it is a home with the pool, go ahead and use that. Hands down, that will get the most conversion. Images with a pool always convert higher than any other image. 

I also test out carousels in the ad where I’m showing 3-4 of the best pictures of the home so it arouses curiosity but then I still keep the other pics away from the ads so people have an incentive to leave their contact info. 

Ad Copy – I always keep the ad copy short, to the point and only give the information that will tempt them to click on the ad and ask for more details. I find that 3 – 5 sentences is the sweet spot to get a good cost per lead. A good thing to throw into the text is emojis, but not too many, like maybe two or three. There’s no rule of thumb for this but just don’t overuse emojis. 

Offer – Probably the most important factor of the whole campaign. The offer is what you’re offering in the ad in exchange for that person taking action, clicking on the ad and giving you their contact information and applying booking time to chat. The offer we had is, see homes available under $599k. 

One of the mistakes you want to avoid is showing a generic list of homes. A lot of realtors do this where they may show lists of homes ranging from $99k to over $1M.

That might get you leads but they’re not going to be good quality leads because serious buyers can already go to Zillow and search for homes in this city. So you want to offer them something a little unique, something that they might not be able to find on Zillow or that they might not know that they can find on Zillow.

If you do this stuff, right, you’ll be generating leads for less than $5 each. If you want to go one more step further, offer to book an appointment, as soon as they convert to a lead. You might be spending $20 – $30 per appointment but that’s fine, because that has a high chance of turning into a $10,000 commission check. Right?

Have questions about how you can implement this system for your real estate business? Click here to book a Free Consultation and let’s talk about building a system that grows your business on Autopilot.


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