Their Story

We left our jobs to revive our family’s heritage Selim Hill Tea Garden, in Darjeeling by making high quality organic Darjeeling Tea available, affordable, and accessible for Indians.

Campaign Objective


Actionable Strategies

Before Dorje Teas partnered with us, they were in a state of despair. Their funnel was leaking, and their conversions were few and far between. We took charge and revitalized their online presence. In just a few months, we witnessed a 195% growth in total sales and a 232% surge in online conversions.
The secret for Dorje Teas was identifying the right audience. It was not just any tea; it was the renowned black tea. And who were the true connoisseurs of this dark elixir? Bengalis. With precision, we honed in on this audience, ensuring that our messaging would resonate with those who knew the difference between good tea and great tea.
Understanding our Bengali audience was only the beginning. We needed to craft a message that spoke to their hearts and souls. We unearthed the magic by associating Dorje Tea with the soothing melodies of Kishore Kumar, painting a picture of Bengali evenings where Dorje Tea was the harmonious companion.
Dorje Teas had a long-standing belief in the effectiveness of newspaper ads, but it was time for a paradigm shift. We convinced them that the digital realm held the key to their success. It wasn’t just about advertising; it was about conversion-focused advertising. With determination and data, we flipped the script, and the results were transformative.
We experimented with various creatives, angles, and product offerings. With a watchful eye on cost per acquisition, we pinpointed the winning strategies.The launch of Moonlight Tea, a delicate white tea, and the subscription campaign were among our shining achievements

Concrete Achievements

Sessions - Up By 103%, 38K/month

Total Orders - Up by 5%

Total Sales - Up by 48%

AOV - Increased by 36%

Returning Customer Rate - 85%


Hear it from Client

We have gotten lucky with Marketing Lab

Despite having outsourced our performance marketing to an Agency, we have gotten lucky because it feels like they work in house with Dorje Teas!
Ishaan Kanoria
Dorje Teas