Their Story

Indulgent. Luxurious. Organic – AULI isn’t just about the products that pamper and prime you to look and feel your best, AULI is a lifestyle and wellness statement. Offering an exuberant range of fabulously lush organic and natural products that are perfect for both gifting and self-indulgence, AULI has an offering for every budget, for every need or greed and promises to leave you utterly spoilt for choice!

Campaign Objective


Actionable Strategies

Increase the AOV

When we onboarded the brand, the AOV was Rs. 479. In the skincare category, with an expected CPC of around Rs. 15, we knew it was not possible to get a 3x ROAS with Rs. 479 AOV. Our first execution was implementation of the bundle which took about 3 weeks to take off and the AOV shop up from Rs. 479 to Rs. 981. This turned out to be a game changer and eventually the bundle became their best seller.

ROAS and Profitability

A brand that has appeared in Shark Tank India season 1 and has existed for 6 years, the overall top line numbers didn’t make any sense when we started. We asked them what top like and ROAS will take them to profitability and guess what, we were there in 4 months, breaking records one month after the other.

Exploring other Demographics Besides Kolkata

My favorite part about Auli was the 40% plus repeat rate. But on the flip side, this also meant that there are not enough new customer acquisitions. We did not run any campaign on meta and google to bring repeat customers, rather all of our campaigns were focused on new customer acquisitions only

Selling More than 1 Products

We did not just limit ourselves to creating good ads because we know just that’s not enough. We made suggestions on the product level too, including launching a product that they had in stock for over 8 months and it launched with a 3x ROAS and in no time this product sold 2000 plus units a month. As a result of our strategy, we we’re able to sell other products such as Magic Potion Gold, 999 Bundle, Retinuit, Power of C

Creative Testing

Needless to say, to get results for a Skincare brand, good creatives are a must have. We shared creatives angles which the brand made, including a lot of content from the founder Aishwarya herself. We made creatives which people were able to resonate with and that reflected in the results

Concrete Achievements

Sessions - Up By 320%, 215K/month

Total Orders - Up by 446%

Total Sales - Up by 936%

Conversion Rate - Increased by 53%

AOV - Increased by 220%

CPC - Reduced by 43%

Average time spent on website went up by 65%

We had 4 best sellers within 90 days, as compared to just 1 product being sold before us

Landing page view to add to cart conversion improved from 9% to 28%

Add to cart to purchase conversion improved from 11% to 24%


Hear it from Client

Any D2C brand that’s looking for some serious growth….

From the outset, MarketingLab took the time to understand my business, my goals, and my challenges. But what really impressed me was their focus on results. MarketingLab is extremely result-oriented and focused on driving real business outcomes. And it started showing from the very first day. I have struggled so much with getting the perfect partner that I was almost immediately impressed. This went on for two months and now I can safely say that they get us, our challenges and our strengths. What more do we need!
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