Their Story

Rosada is a brand engaged in designing, manufacturing and selling Personalised gift items primarily for Babies and kids. They also have a small section for Grownups focusing on the fact that- “every person has a child within”. The sole objective of the brand is to create high-quality simple day-to-day products and groom them with the eyes of an expert and the emotions of a child. This makes their products unique and personalised. Every product is a bundle of happiness, smiles and memories for loving babies, kids and their parents.

Campaign Objective


Actionable Strategies

Leveraging MOF/BOF Audience

We began by identifying the Middle of Funnel (MOF) and Bottom of Funnel (BOF) audiences – those who had previously engaged with Rosada Baby in some way, such as adding items to their cart or showing interest in products on social media. We understood that these audiences had a higher likelihood of making a purchase and launched campaigns for them, resulting in a ROAS as high as 30x and 28x.

Crafting Perfect Creatives

Compelling and visually appealing creatives were developed to capture the attention of the target audience. The incorporation of celebrity endorsements and a focus on personalisation in our creative strategy proved to be highly effective for Rosada Baby. They became an instant hit and we were able to form a deep emotional connection with the target audience.

Tailored Audiences

By identifying the most converting audiences, we were able to generate sales for Rosada, primarily due to the following
  • Retargeting: We retargeted individuals who had previously shown intent to purchase. This involved running ads with enticing discounts and limited-time offers to encourage conversion.
  • Interest-Based Targeting: By launching an Advantage Plus Shopping Campaign, we tailored it to specifically target parents residing in tier one and tier two cities. This focused approach led to a higher conversion rate. The ROAS for these campaigns was notably on the higher side.
  • Lookalike Audiences: We created lookalike audiences based on Rosada Baby’s existing customer database. This allowed us to target individuals who shared similar demographics and interests with their existing customer base, expanding the reach to potential new customers.

Testing and Scaling

We monitored the performance of various campaigns, assessing which strategies and audiences yielded the best results. Within 15 days of starting Performance Marketing, Rosada was at an 18x ROAS. We consistently optimised campaigns that were delivering positive returns and reducing spend on underperforming campaigns, ensuring the budget was effectively utilised.

Proper Campaign Setup with Google and Meta

Once we had accumulated a significant quantity of TOF audiences on Meta, we expanded our campaign efforts to Google. Google was primarily utilised for brand campaigns and shopping campaigns, where we could capitalise on competitor brand keywords. The synergy between Meta and Google was the secret sauce behind our solid performance for Rosada Baby, helping us spot potential customers who were actively searching for Rosada Baby and its products, ultimately driving conversions.

Concrete Achievements

R​​OAS: 20.48x [Average Value 6 Months After Onboarding]

Total Sales: Up by 282%

Total Orders: Up by 232%

Products Sold: Up by 251%

AOV: Increased by 12%


Hear it from Client

Mintu & Team Delivers Exceptional Results

In just a few months of association, the team has connected very well and understands our needs and delivers to set targets. I will recommend them to any company looking to grow and excel in digital marketing
Rosada Baby